Launch of Digital Marketing Victories Podcast

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Jim Keeney

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the Digital Marketing Victories podcast – A podcast about the realities of digital marketing. Listen in each month to learn about the tactics and strategies, soft skills, and technical requirements that go into digital marketing success. We will be releasing a new episode each day the week of October 5th, 2020.



Our first episode for the podcast is an interview with Kathleen Booth a veteran marketer, with over 15 years in the industry, specializing in digital marketing. Currently, she serves as the VP of Marketing at Attila Security and also podcast host of Inbound Marketing, but before that, she ran her own digital marketing agency.



Leading marketing for a start-up can be challenging and it takes a unique approach to sell through your ideas internally when everyone’s moving quickly.



This episode brings to the spotlight an experienced marketer, Kathleen Slattery Booth, who’s sharing with us eye-opening exercises for brand discoverability, the persuasion techniques she uses, and a lot of noteworthy inspiration to design the perfect startup strategy.